Monday, October 15, 2012

Coffee and Cats

Although I've told almost everyone I've encountered since Saturday about the cat cafe, I think it's definitely worth reiterating.
Emily and I decided to go into Seoul on for the day Saturday to go shopping in Myeong-dong. Although there is a lot of shopping everywhere, it can be hard to find clothes that fit us. Also, we're still working on figuring this out, but it seems as though you can try on cardigans, skirts, pants, and dresses but not shirts and sweaters. We're not so sure why yet. On top of that, a lot of clothes here are one-size, which doesn't really work for us. Moral of the story, we wanted to go to some familiar stores where we knew clothes would fit us + we could try them on. It turned out to be a lovely day and as it was coming to an end we were just wandering around when we came across a sign for "Lily Cat Cafe"...

I had read about dog and cat cafes, but since neither of us can read Korea, we weren't positive that, that's what this was. We decided to go in and low and behold, it was indeed a place where you can have coffee and hang out with cats at the same time. There was a flat rate for drink + entrance into the cat area so we paid, put away our stuff, washed our hands, and went in. Inside there were between 20-25 cats -ish including three kittens.

Emily and I got super lucky and managed to attract two of the kittens who proceeded to sleep in our laps for the rest of the time we were there.

It was super clean and the cats seemed to like all of the attention... which we gave them lots of.

This one looked a lot like Chester Cat

All in all, we will definitely be returning to another cat cafe in the future. It was well worth it. My students thought I was pretty cool too.

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